Cheryle LaVonne Concepts

Sample Reading from sequel Living in Love

Hard Boiled Egg Way of Life

Let’s think of ourselves as hard boiled eggs.

In order for an egg to get to the hard boiled stage, it has to go through some changes.

A raw egg has no idea that it is about to be transformed just by being in a different environment.

From the cold fridge to the pan of water that would later boil the egg.

Then the egg is cooled down and peeled to present itself shiny and new.

At this point, the egg can be diced into small pieces and sprinkled on top of a salad.

Or the egg can be wedged and eaten with salt and pepper.

Perhaps the egg will be added to potato salad.

Then again, it could be eaten whole.

Either way you choose to use the egg, it is continually transformed to meet your need.


Now let’s talk about us.

We go from the safety of our parents to being in the world on our own.

Taking care of business like we should and changing from dependence to independence.

Along the way we come in contact with those who claim to love us and want to share with us.

We work jobs that we claim to like and share with those we choose.

After a while, our heart transitions into a mushy mess and then it hardens because of an event.


It is now time to become a hard-boiled egg.  The transition is about to begin.

Remember what the egg went through?  Now you have to go through it.

Take yourself out of what you thought was safety and move into the pot of water.

Now boil that negativity out of your life and cool off.

Next, it’s time to peel away the things and the people that mean you no good.

Continuous transformation begins.


You know what I’m talking about.

Someone lied to you, peel that off.

You lied to someone, forgive yourself and peel that off.

Someone cheated on you, peel that off.

You cheated on someone, forgive yourself and peel that off.

You fell in love and was left heartbroken, peel that off.

Love will come again if you discard the love that meant you no good.

Someone got a promotion that you worked for, peel that off.

Something bigger is in store for you.

Someone bought the house you put a bid on, peel that off.

The buyer will have to replace the roof within two years so they saved you a major cost.

Someone you trusted disappointed you, peel that off.

You found out who your true friends are, peel off the ones who are not.


Do you see where I am going with this?

We as a people need to be more open to change and transition.

Don’t get stuck in the fridge.

Hop in that pot of water, boil off the impurities, cool off and then peel off that which means you no good.

Life is a transition and being a hard-boiled egg is a wonderful way to live through it.

Peel off and show yourself shiny and new.

Transition into who you are to be.

Adventures are stages of being.  Take hold and enjoy the ride.

This is a sample reading from Cheryle LaVonne's

second novel, Living in Love,

Copywright 2014 by Cheryle LaVonne Concepts.

 All rights reserved.  No part of this sample may be

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