Cheryle LaVonne Concepts

Sample Reading from Ready for Love


As a child, you do what a child will do.

You will back-talk your parents and you will get punished.

Just when you think you are grown enough to do it again,

the punishment is worse and you cannot help but think, oh no, not again.

As a teen, you do what you think you will get away with. 

You are successful for some time but then you get caught.

Alcohol on your breath and lies off your lips.

You get the ultimate teenage punishment.

No phone.  No television.  No video games.  For a month.

As an adult, you become more cautious with your activity.

You sweet talk a woman and she pays attention.

Emotions grow but you cut them off because you have been here before.

Another ruined the emotion you were attempting not to feel.

You cannot get past the past so you figure, oh no, not again.

I won’t allow myself to feel this again.  I will not allow myself to hurt again.

Just when you thought you had everything under control, she ends it.

Not again will she love you completely and not get that in return.

Not again will she allow you to consume all of her time and not receive any of your time in return.

Not again will she wait for your call.  Instead, she will call another.

Not again will she wait for your undivided attention because someone else is paying attention to her.

Not again will she return to childish ways of gossip and the he said she said see-saw.

She will move forward to find herself and she will leave you realizing that you will not again

meet any woman close to what she was to you.

Not again will you hunger for her touch when you did not touch her back.

Not again will you lust for her scent when you did not notice before.

Not again will you share your dreams and ambitions when you were

not interested in what she wanted to accomplish.

Not again will you get the chance to love and be loved so

love hard, love honest, love passionately, love trustingly.

Not again will I warn you of this. 

I messed up with letting my past remove my future.

Don’t make my mistake.

This is a sample reading from Cheryle LaVonne's

 novel, Ready for Love,

Copywright 2013 by Cheryle LaVonne Concepts.

 All rights reserved.  No part of this sample may be

reproduced or transmited in any form without the

written permission from the author.